Developers Crescent Moon Games (Paper Monsters) and Blowfish Studios (Hungry MonstR) are working together on the upcoming title, Razor: Salvation. This new game will be a first-person shooter, but played from a fixed position. If you’re a little confused, check out this new trailer:

In Razor: Salvation, you’ll be playing as the commander of the dropship, Salvation, and you must rescue the Earth’s inhabitants and help defend against an alien force called the Xenos. This game will be the first in a series of games chronicling the story of why the Xenos have invaded the Earth.

The game looks great so far. It’s apparent that this won’t be your ordinary shooter. The AI will react dynamically to changes to the in-game environment. This means if you knock a car across the map, the enemy will be able to hide behind it, as well as other fixed areas. Of course, you’ll also be presented with a variety of different weapons to use on your mission.

Pew! Pew!

It appears as though there will be a large, global multiplayer component to Razor: Salvation according to Blowfish Studios:

  • PLAYER CREATED FACTIONS – Create your own factions with friends and fight together to be the top performing Faction in the world!
  • FIGHT FOR YOUR REGION – Help your world region to the top of the rankings!
  • UNIQUE LEADERBOARD TITLES – Be the best shooter or savior and show off with the ability to be at the top!

Friend-based factions? Count me in.

According to Crescent Moon Games, Razor: Salvation is nearly finished and expected to release before the month is over as a universal app. Until then, you can keep an eye on the game’s official site, as well as its Facebook page.

Will be downloading this once it hits the App Store?