Droplr, one of my favorite ways to share images, files, and links on my iOS device and Mac, has just announced a new, paid pro option that features a number of enhancements to the service.

The new Droplr Pro service is thankfully anchored by an ad-free experience. Your own uploads will not contain ads, and you will not see ads on anyone else’s drops.

And for those security-conscious users, pro subscribers will also be able to create private, password-protected drops. As a security precaution, normal drops will also have longer URLs that are more difficult to guess.

The paid service also offers an increase in storage. Users can upload files of up to 1 GB while receiving 100 GB of storage.

Droplr Pro also offers better user statistics. Subscribers can view more information about how many people are viewing uploads and where the traffic is coming from. The service also offers statistics for views, downloads, and referrers.

Finally, pro users can now have a custom domain to share drops. Instead of the usual d.pr domain, you can pick a specific domain address for drops.

Along with the free iOS client, the OS X version is free in the Mac App Store.

Droplr Pro is offered at a reasonable $30 per year or $3 per month for a limited time. For Droplr users, are the enhanced features enough for you to put down cash for the pro service?