I’m not one to begrudge anybody their tattoos or piercings or miscellaneous body mods, and I rather enjoy ogling the particularly clever and attractive examples. The more culturally relevant the better.

But some folks seem to try too hard.

Like this guy:

For one thing, that’s not an especially secure way to carry around an MP3 player. One snag on your headphone cable and off it pops. One swipe from a crook and you’ll never see it again. At least with a watchband your arm can put up a fight. Plus, the iPod nano just isn’t the convenient little dongle we all thought it would be. Wouldn’t this colorful hipster be better off with something like the new Pebble to mount to his wrist?

Well, maybe not. Like I said, he’s a hipster, and they seem to really rally behind outdated, campy, gimpy technology.

Of course, since such punky brewsters (surely they partake!) are inexorably part of our collective culture, maybe this silly endeavor is more relevant than I initially imagined.

Or maybe not.

Either way, somebody high-five this guy. I want to see what happens.