Band of the Day is, hands down, one of the most beautifully designed apps of any kind ever developed for iOS. I’ve been using it almost every day since day one of its existence in the App Store, but using it still delights me immensely. And a recent update to this quasi-calendar app only serves to reinforce an important point I have long held: that I’m going nowhere else with regard to my music discovery on my iPhone and iPad.

Speaking of music discovery, the update adds a search bar atop the app’s left navigation pane. Finally, the search is over for a convenient way to search for bands that have been featured in the app. In the mood for some folk rockin’ courtesy of The Decemberists, which was spotlighted last March 23, I found that I only had to type “dec” in the search bar to get my desired match. Then, having entered the band’s Band of the Day feature page, I cranked up the volume and tapped “play” on the app’s improved music player. As the music went on, I just reread the accompanying bio and album reviews written by the Band of the Day team of editors and journalists. Had I linked the app with my Facebook account, I would’ve been able to share such app activity as this with my friends, thanks to the Facebook integration also added by the update.

Band of the Day is available as a free universal app in the App Store. Oh, and by the way, the update adds one more little thing: support for the new iPad’s Retina display. It totally rocks.