Music Widget is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that allows users to interact with their Music app through an attractive Dashboard X widget, which can be positioned on the Home screen. Though the tweak isn’t available yet, iDownloadBlog has posted a preview video – and from what we can tell, Music Widget looks to be a great addition to users’ Dashboard X-powered Home screens.

Once available, users will be able to add Music Widget to their Home screen, as they would any other Dashboard X widget. The widget itself looks great, featuring album art and music controls (plus, if you touch the album art, music controls are hidden – making the tweak look even better). Like any other Dashboard X widget, Music Widget can be moved around to a different screen while in “wiggly mode,” and – perhaps the best news of all – the widget will be compatible with third-party music applications, such as Spotify.

The tweak is currently still in testing, but should be available soon. We’ll let you know once Music Widget hits the Cydia Store. In the meantime, let us know your favorite Dashboard X widgets in the comments!

Source: iDownloadBlog