Before iOS 5, receiving local and push notifications was always an annoying, intrusive affair. What, you don’t remember that big, blue box that paused your movies, interrupted your games, and required your immediate attention before leaving you in peace? It’s probably best if you don’t remember those pre-iOS 5 notifications because Apple’s current notification system is much better, albeit a bit limited according to iDownloadBlog. Both lock screen and banner notifications in iOS 5 show a small amount of information, but with Reveal, you’ll be able to see much more.

While your iDevice is unlocked, new notifications are presented through a banner at the top of the screen. Unfortunately, you miss a lot of information due to the limited text space in the notification banner. With Reveal, you’ll be able to swipe horizontally along the notification banner to reveal (get it?) more information. Additionally, Reveal allows you to vertically scroll over lock screen notifications to get a more complete look at the contents of any new notifications.

It’s easy to see how beneficial Reveal is in this video from iDownloadBlog:

Hopefully in the future, Apple will allow you to set how many lines of text are displayed in notifications. The notifications in iOS 5 are definitely a huge improvement over what they used to be, but I think they could still be better. Until then, there are tweaks like Reveal, which is available in Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99.

How do you think notifications can be improved on iOS?

Source: iDownloadBlog