Snapguide, the month-and-a-half old app that lets you create and view how-to guides on your iPhone, has just been updated with a new handy feature.

If you ask me, this new feature should have been included in Snapguide from the get-go. That being so, its entry into the app now is a more than welcome improvement. The feature in question pertains to the ability to browse guides by topic. Prior to the inclusion of this new search structure, the app’s Explore section lets you browse through guides by popularity and recency only. Now, in addition to the Popular and Recent headers in the Explore section, a new header labeled Topics has been tossed in. Under Topics, you’ll find a wide range of subjects of interest, including Arts & Crafts, Gardening, Music, and Sports & Fitness.

You can now search guides within a specific topic in Snapguide.

Along with the new browsing by topic capability, searching for guides within a specific topic is now supported, too. For instance, upon entering the Technology topic, you can type “iPhone” into the search bar to view iPhone-related guides listed under the Technology category. The app’s tight integration with topics also lets you choose the category in which your newly created guides appear.

A former AppAdvice App of the Week Honorable Mention (and with good reason), Snapguide is available in the App Store for free. Do you dig DIY and how-to stuff? If so, you’ll definitely dig Snapguide.