Even as player participation in Draw Something is said to be declining, a couple of guys are keeping their hopes up for The Draw Thing. Created especially for the OMGPOP-developed and now Zynga-owned online Pictionary game for iOS, The Draw Thing is meant to replace your fat fingers as your drawing weapon of choice.

The Draw Thing is an ongoing project by a pair of self-described “creative out-of-the-box thinkers,” Dan Weinstein and Doron J Fetman. “The Draw Thing was born out of our desire to have a really great stylus for the amazing Draw Something game,” said Dan and Doron. “We bought several different stylus models currently available on the market but they all suffered the same problem: they were designed to look and feel like a pen and did not have kids in mind.” In addition, they were all quite expensive.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

As announced in the promotional video above, The Draw Thing is intended to be a stylus that’s affordable and appealing to Draw Something fans, real kids and kids at heart alike. It has an iPhone- and iPad-compatible capacitive tip and an interchangeable rubber sleeve. With the project currently in its prototype stage, Dan and Doron have turned to Indiegogo for help on crowd-funding the completion of The Draw Thing. If you’d like to contribute and be rewarded with perks ranging from an original yellow The Draw Thing stylus to your own Draw Something portrait to be included in the project’s contributor gallery on Indiegogo, please click here. The Indiegogo campaign aims to raise at least $7,200 by June 13.

If you’re looking to improve your often unintentionally hilarious Draw Something sketches, you can do far worse than to draw out a bit of your funds for The Draw Thing. So, are you up for this … thing?