Mega Run - Redford

Mega Run – Redford’s Adventure (Free) by Get Set Games brings back the classic frantic coin grabbing fun from its predecessor, Mega Jump, and puts a platforming twist on the whole deal.

We remember all too well the days of non-stop “mega jumping.” Two years and 25 million downloads later, Get Set Games has returned with the platforming sequel, Mega Run. Mega Run is everything that a sequel to an endless jumper should be. While it keeps the free-to-play structure that was done so well in Mega Jump, along with the same characters, Mega Run provides a completely different gameplay experience.

Mega Run - Redford

Gameplay can be described as simple, but there are some underlying elements that keep you on your feet. At its core, Mega Run is built like an endless runner. Redford (or whichever character you are using) is always running forward, and your job is to tap to jump and avoid obstacles, stomp on enemies, or grab coins, stars, power-ups, gems, etc. However, the levels are not endless. They are structured as they would be in a standard platforming game, only there are multiple paths that you can choose to take. Your decisions may cost you, as can run into dead-ends, drop-offs, and, more frequently, go down the wrong path and miss one of the three hidden gems.

The main goal in Mega Run is to reach the end of each level, and eventually save Redford’s brother and sister. There are 64 levels spread across four themed worlds, with each level being scored on a three-star basis. You must earn a certain number of stars before moving on to the next world. Earning high scores in the levels is tricky mainly due to the clever, randomized, level design. Luckily, even if you don’t manage to complete the level, you still earn some XP which brings you closer to leveling up and unlocking new stuff in the store.

Mega Run - Redford

If you’ve played Mega Jump, you know that Get Set Games goes crazy with store items. Mega Run is no exception. This game is chock full of power-ups and unlockables, items such as: jetpacks, second lives, speed boosts, and magnets. There are a ton of power-ups to purchase, and each one is available in four different levels (standard, turbo, super, mega).

Once again, we see the return of coins and mega bucks. Coins are collected rapidly in levels, and are used to purchase unlocked power-ups and characters. Mega bucks can be earned via IAP, or by watching daily videos, and are used to unlock worlds or items early, or to purchase save stars. With 28 power-ups and seven characters to unlock, Mega Run will keep you running for a long time.

From my experience so far, Mega Run is close to a perfect sequel. Get Set Games even promises regular updates, with new worlds and characters. Also, for the competitive gamers out there, Mega Run features leaderboards and 31 achievements. In a future update, I would like to see some kind of endless mode implemented. Apart from that, Mega Run’s got the goods, and sports nearly perfect controls. At the price of free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t download it now.