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Organize Your Online Life With Jolicloud

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much content you share across the Internet? I, for one, have media all over the place and have yearned for a way to organize this for some time. With the launch of Jolicloud for the iPhone, my wish may have been granted. Jolicloud is a service designed to gather all of your online content into a single stream. The app (and accompanying website) indexes everything you have created, liked or received across a plethora of services. These services currently include:   After signing up for the service, Jolicloud automatically builds an excellent library of all content shared on each service. Jolicloud can collect links, photos, videos and documents. Once all of your content has been added, you can then create collections to sort your data any way you choose. [caption id="attachment_296494" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Jolicloud's UI is clean and effective."][/caption] A favorite feature of mine is the ability to search through your content. Need an important link a friend shared with you a year ago on Facebook? Or perhaps you want to find all pictures of your lost puppy on Instagram. Whatever your need, Jolicloud has you covered. The Jolicloud app itself is beautifully designed. It features overlapping panes you can slide left or right to navigate through the app. The designer has obviously taken inspiration from the Path app. This is no bad thing in my eyes, Jolicloud is a joy to use. Jolicloud is out now in the App Store and is completely free, so I'd┬ádefinitely┬árecommend giving it a try for yourself. Can you see any use in such a service? Or would you prefer all of these seperate services stayed as such?
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