After not receiving any updates for more than seven months, PDF Expert for iPhone and iPod touch finally gets some attention. Released to the App Store yesterday, v3.0 adds audio notes, a secondary display view, sorting, signature support, Microsoft SkyDrive support, and more. In fact, this now brings the iPhone and iPod touch inline with PDF Expert for iPad

PDF Expert version 3.0 (iPhone 4) - Media and Stamps

Add useful notation stamps and even watch embedded video or audio clips.

Making it easier to recognize documents beyond the file name, the first notable change brought along by PDF Expert v3.0 is a shelf-style view. Replacing the text-only list view, documents are now shown in a grid organized gallery with the images created from the first page of the PDF file. Views are toggled by swiping downward on the documents list and tapping on either of the view mode buttons in the top-right.

Also available within the new options bar are sorting preferences. You can now choose to sort documents by name or date, and in ascending or descending order.

PDF Expert version 3.0 (iPhone 4) - Signatures

It's no longer a hassle to work with documents needing signatures while on the go.

Continuing into document editing, Readdle provides iPhone users with four handy new features. Already available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users can now enjoy media, such as videos or audio clips, embedded into files, plus tap and hold anywhere within a document to add a signature or stamp, including both preset and custom choices. Signatures can also be added by tapping the Signatures button at the bottom.

The fourth feature is unique to iPhone: audio notes. Similar to adding text notes within a document, audio notes can be applied anywhere and work as reminders, footnotes, etc. To create an audio note, tap and hold where you want it pinned and then select Sound. Recording begins immediately with a decibel level indicator to help determine recording volume. Once added, recordings show as circled audio output symbols. Simply tap to play or delete.

PDF Expert is designed for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 4.3 or later, and available in the App Store for $9.99.