As each day passes, we learn a little bit more about @pod2g’s upcoming untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 5.1 (iOS 5.1.1). Now,  in a Twitter update that recently hit the Web, the jailbreak mastermind has announced that the solution, which should be available in the next couple of weeks, is compatible with both the first-generation iPad and the iPad 2.

The Twitter update read:

So far, we know @pod2g’s untethered jailbreak solution works with the iPhone 4S, the iPhone 4, and all three iPads. However, the iPhone 3GS (and the third-generation iPod touch) do not seem to be supported by the upcoming jailbreak.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on the latest jailbreak news – so be sure to check back with us. And remember, you can follow the jailbreak mastermind himself @pod2g.