When you hear about a game port involving iOS, typically it involves bringing a classic PC game to iDevices. However, G5 Entertainment is doing a full circle with Spirit of Wandering – The Legend, taking it from desktop gaming to advanced mobile devices and then sending it back to the personal computer platform. Originally developed for the PC, G5 brought Spirit of Wandering to iOS in early 2012, and is soon making the title available for Mac OS.

Spirit of Wandering is a hidden object game where you must help a female pirate, the captain of the Spirit of Wandering, rescue her lost love, Jack, after being attacked by the Flying Dutchman. Using the Crystal Orb, a mysterious gift from Jack that will help locate cherished objects, locate specific items throughout various environments to free the crew from the spirit world.

Just like Cyan Worlds did for Myst, it made sense for G5 to port a hidden object game to iOS. The simplistic point and click control works perfectly well on Apple’s touchscreen devices, and gameplay would be improved by enhanced graphics. Of course, the iPad version received more positive feedback than the iPhone version since finding objects is obviously easier on a larger screen. With all of that said, the idea of expanding the game to Mac OS seems like a no-brainer.

Spirit of Wandering will be available in the Mac App Store starting May 17. The Mac OS version will feature the same content as provided on other platforms.

  • 6 Gorgeous settings
  • 24 Challenging locations
  • Over 450 hidden objects
  • 90 cherished items to discover

For more information, you can watch the game trailer embedded below, and even try Spirit of Wandering free on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad