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Dynamic English Lessons – Idioms ($0.99) by Dynamic English Lessons is the third installment in the series. However, unlike utilitarian grammar exercises for phrasal verbs or prepositions, this edition focuses on idioms.

This would seem to have a broader appeal than just those trying to learn the nuances of the English language because you can shake a stick and get just about any person familiar with the term. But I bet you hardly any of them could come up with an idiom on the fly.

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There are six categories, each with 10 questions. The categories feature everyday occurrences, such as animals, objects, and food and drink. A picture will show with parts of an idiomatic phrase missing.

Use the dials below to select which words would complete the idiom. A “check answer” button will tell you if you’re right or not.

Once you answer a question completely, it gets added to the dictionary, accessible at the bottom of the screen.

Not only will you see the idiom, but you’ll also see its definition and an example sentence.

A badge icon will let you know how many new additions you have.

A quiz section can be unlocked once all of the categories have been completed. In addition, true to the other apps in the series, there is a “sealed section,” full of fun and naughty idioms.

This too is locked until you complete all of the categories.

The interface and graphics have a cleaner look than the previous two titles. My only complaint is how sensitive the app is to touch. For example, while filling in the blanks for the activities,

I would repeatedly slide over to the next question before completing the current one.

This app is a great way for any English speaker, fluent or not, to brush up on his or her knowledge of idioms. So follow that knee jerk reaction and get this app today.