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Ring Fling Makes Multiplayer Gaming Action-Packed

Ring Fling Makes Multiplayer Gaming Action-Packed

May 31, 2012
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Ring Fling ($1.99) by mugathur is a fun and fantastic game that is not entirely unlike a game of dodge ball. However, instead of violently pummeling your opponent with rubber balls, you toss digital rings at stars and try to push them into the opposing zone. O.K., maybe it’s not really like dodge ball at all.

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The reason I associate this game with dodge ball is because of the way the ring flinging works. Players flick rings from their side of the playing field. The goal is to hit the “jaggies” in the center of the field by hitting them with the rings and pushing them into an opponent’s zone. Players start with eight rings, but collect rings that get flicked into their zone, just like in dodge ball when players grab a ball and throw it back at the competition.

The jaggies are star-shaped objects that players want to keep out of their zone. To do so, fling your rings at them and watch them float toward your opponent. Once a jaggie enters a zone, the other team scores a point. Games go to ten points unless there is a tie.

The rings start out small, but players can increase the size by touching and holding their zone. The ring will grow to epic proportions and become stronger. The extra size and strength of the ring will allow you to push the star into your opponent’s zone without having to waste all of your rings.

Ring Fling can be played alone or with up to four people. It works best when playing against one other person. Crowding four around a 10-inch iPad screen gets tough, not to mention how hard it would be with an iPhone. If you play alone, you will compete against a computer-generated player. The difficulty level of the computer player is pretty low at first, but gets more challenging over time.

The instructions are very vague. It took me a while to understand that you can collect your opponent’s rings. When playing the 4Zone (four-player board) two of the unused player zones were scoring. I thought there was something wrong with the game until I figured out that all opponents score a point when the jaggie enters a zone. So, you really don’t win the game so much as you avoid losing it.

I experienced game crashes a handful of times. I was playing this game on the third-generation iPad. The crashes were random, but they would happen in the middle of gameplay.

I found this game to be surprisingly fun. There are not a whole lot of multiplayer games that let people play on the same iPad at the same time, so I’m always excited to see a real-time multiplayer app. If you play like you are pelting your little brother with snowballs, you will have tons of fun annihilating your opponent. This is a great game for keeping more than one person entertained. If you are camping or sitting in a hospital waiting room, you won’t even notice the time go by while you try to beat your friend.

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