In what could be the most significant product placement since the first iPad arrived on ABC’s “Modern Family” in 2010, Color and Verizon Wireless are teaming up with “Saturday Night Live” for the season finale of NBC’s long-running late night program. “SNL” cast members and crew will be streaming live backstage using the Color for Facebook app during this week’s rehearsals and Saturday night’s finale.

First aired in 1975, “Saturday Night Live” completes its 37th season this week and features host Mick Jagger and musical guests Foo Fighters and Arcade Fire.

Color for Facebook, which recently announced a new partnership with Verizon, gives users the ability to broadcast up to 30 seconds of live video and share the important moments in their daily lives.

This will be the first time “Saturday Night Live” will harness the power of live app broadcasting, and give fans the chance to see what happens behind the scenes.

To get backstage, all you’ll need to do is like Verizon Wireless or “SNL” on Facebook and get the free Color for Facebook app. From there, you can experience the unexpected and unpredictable mayhem that has delighted fans for five decades. Once “SNL” shoots live video, you’ll get a little notification on your iPhone to tune into the live Color video broadcast, so you don’t miss any of the behind the scenes action.

SNL and Color for Facebook

SNL and Color for Facebook

According to Bill Nguyen, Color founder and CEO:

I’ve dreamed about being backstage at SNL my entire life. Verizon Wireless is granting my wish (and yours too). Through the Color app and on Facebook, we get to see a LIVE glimpse of how the show comes together and be there backstage LIVE on Saturday night for the season finale.

Although Color’s path to success hasn’t always been smooth, we find this news exciting and equally so for “Saturday Night Live” fans. To get the Color for Facebook app, you can either download it in the App Store or call **26567 on your iPhone. Note: You don’t have to be a Verizon customer to go behind the scenes.

The season finale of “Saturday Night Live” airs this Saturday, May 19 beginning at 11:30 p.m. EDT.

Do you think this is the type of promotion that will finally put Color for Facebook on the map? What’s your favorite “SNL” skit?