Slow Feeds is a really cool iOS app. Basically, it is an RSS reader that stands out from the crowd with one very cool feature. The app is designed to keep feeds, that do not update as regularly as the big sites, from getting buried in the flood of news. Just because a site is not pushing out 50 articles a day does not mean the content of the site is not high quality, and it hardly seems fair that sites like that get lost in the shuffle.

Slow Feeds uses Google Reader to find the latest news, which is pretty standard for most RSS readers on iOS. With this app though, you can actually follow a close friend’s blog or some site that puts out deeper, more thought-provoking articles that aren’t pushing out a new piece every five minutes. It is a very cool, new way of thinking about RSS readers.

Of course, you can also use this app for high volume streams as well. It separates high and low volume feeds into two different categories, so you can always keep up with the type of sites you enjoy.

The update takes the already cool app and makes it even better. They added better social integration by linking the app with Twitter. Now, when you see something that catches your attention, you can send a link to Twitter with just a couple of clicks. They also improved the accuracy of the feed filtering and improved the performance of the scrolling through your feed.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t only want to see what is happening at this very minute, Slow Feeds is an app worth taking for a spin.