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Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode II ($6.99) by SEGA is a great addition to the beloved saga that began during the SEGA Genesis era. Fans of the series will rejoice over the new Retina display graphics, and newcomers will find a spot in their heart for Sonic. In this episode, you’ll have Tails, his flying sidekick, to help you along the way too.

After the events that took place in Episode I, Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic have joined up to form the ultimate evil-duo. To even the battlefield, Sonic has brought Tails along with him to take down the evil goons. The epic showdown is about to take place!

Heads, you’re Sonic, and tails, well you’re Tails I suppose. Anyone have a coin?

Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode II by SEGA screenshot

The gameplay is similar to the older games in the series, but that is a good thing. It’s smooth, fast-paced, and overall an awesome package. With the addition of the Retina display graphics, the presentation is just beautiful. The colors really pop and everything is perfectly polished.

You still need to collect coins as they are your life. The more coins you have, the more damage you can endure. You’ll die if you run out of coins and take any type of damage. While racing to the end of each level, you’ll be able to jump on bouncing platforms, reach checkpoints, get thrown into super speed, and much more.

You have two options for a control scheme. You can use the standard D-pad with two buttons or utilize the accelerometer and play with tilt controls. I prefer the D-pad myself because I feel it gives me more control.

Sonic and Tails are still the perfect match. Tails helps Sonic reach new heights and blast through barriers by pure teamwork. There’s an “I” in both Tails and Sonic, but there isn’t one in team. Remember that kids.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Episode II by SEGA screenshot

Multiplayer is available via Bluetooth connection. Pair up with a buddy and take down the evil-twosome. It’s a blast, let me tell you!

Game Center is also supported giving gamers the ability to unlock achievements and new moves.

This addition to the Sonic series is an awesome one. The gameplay is exciting, the Retina display graphics are superb, and the soundtrack is appropriate. Make sure to pick this game up from the App Store today.

Are you a big Sonic fan?