The final Apple product designed by Steve Jobs will likely hit the market later this year. Indeed, it will be the sixth-generation iPhone, according to Bloomberg News.

The iPhone 4S arrived in October, just hours after Steve Jobs’ death. At the time, many Apple fans suggested the newest handset was “4Steve.” As the months went by, however, we heard that the iPhone 4S really wasn’t the handset the late Apple co-founder envisioned releasing for 2011. Instead, it was the mystical “iPhone 5.”

During much of last year, Apple was actively working on an iPhone prototype with a 4-inch screen and vastly different form factor. Instead, Jobs killed off the handset just months before Apple was going to announce it. He thought it would “fragment” the company’s iPhone line, much like the many Android handsets fragment Google’s mobile operating system.

Move ahead one year and Jobs’ final product is almost certainly close to fruition. The next iPhone, if the rumors are correct, will include a bigger screen, thinner form factor, improved camera, and perhaps a different Home button.

I always felt Jobs’ “iPhone 5” would eventually see the light of day. Indeed, that day appears on the horizon; one final product developed and “4Steve.”

Getting excited about the next iPhone launch? What do you want the sixth-generation iPhone to include?