We’ve heard about the Liquidmetal iPhone, now say hello to the bendable iPhone. Future versions of the iPhone could include Samsung’s flexible OLED display, in news first reported by The Korean Times.

According to the report, Samsung has reportedly received a “huge” number of orders for the company’s flexible display. Industry sources contend, “Apple is likely to be one of the handset makers asking Samsung to provide them flexible screens.”

Of course, Apple hasn’t confirmed this news and a Samsung spokesman declined to talk in detail about the plans for flexible OLED screens and how Apple fits into the picture. However, another industry official said that Samsung “wouldn’t be this bullish about flexible OLED screens if Apple wasn’t sharing its enthusiasm.”

Bendable iPhone?

Bendable iPhone?

There is some reason to believe Apple may soon go down this path, not only with the next iPhone, but also with the 2013 iPad, expected to launch next spring. The report noted that Apple would buy $11 billion in screens and memory chips from the Korean giant in 2012. Besides, Samsung’s line of Galaxy devices is expected to include the new technology later this year, as they transition from LCD to OLED displays.

Finally consider that Samsung has already confirmed that their plant in Tangjeong, South Chungcheong Province is already confirmed to produce some 960,000 flexible OLED sheets by the end of this year.

Personally, I’d be thrilled seeing a bendable iPhone. Not only would it look significantly different than Apple’s last two iPhone models, but its entry would help Apple compete with Samsung’s own line of smartphones. Besides, it just looks cool, don’t you think!