After a long series of updates given to the app mostly for performance optimization purposes, WordPress for iOS has finally graduated to version 3.0.

To be sure, the latest update to the official iOS client of the most popular blogging platform in the world also allows for a good deal of performance optimization. But its highlight is the twofold enhancement concerning its comment moderation functionality. First, there’s the app’s supplementary support for push notifications of new comments. Note, though, that this feature is enabled for blogs only. So, you can’t expect to receive push notifications for your self-hosted WordPress blogs. And second, the app has a moderation toolbar that appears when you swipe over an item in your comments list. It’s a spiffy addition, with its inspiration going all the way back to the older and better Tweetie-like version of the official Twitter app for iOS.

Wordpress 3.0 offers easier comment moderation.

Its focus on comment moderation aside, the update also includes localization support for Chinese (Taiwan), Hungarian, and Polish. A followup update is already in the works, which promises support for sliding panels and post formats, among other features.

WordPress 3.0 for iOS is available in the App Store free for both iPhone and iPad. It’s an open-source effort by a group of contributors, to whom much is owed by the app’s development on its path toward becoming the quintessential WordPress app.