AppAdvice has teamed up with Antengo, our latest AppAdvice Daily podcast sponsor, in order to offer you a chance to win a $10 iTunes Gift Card just by giving their mobile classifieds app a try.

Antengo is a real-time classifieds app that differentiates itself from similar services like Craigslist by being remarkably simple and completely mobile.

Upon launch you’ll be given the opportunity to sign up for an Antengo account to start connecting with local buyers or sellers. You can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account, or you can create a brand new Antengo account. You’ll then be able to post listings for your community to see, browse listings, and get in touch with your buyers and sellers.

Posting a listing is cake.

Because it was designed with mobile users in mind, posting a listing with Antengo directly from your iPhone is a piece of cake. First you must choose whether you’re offering a product or service, or if you’re on the hunt for something specific. Then you need to give your listing a title and a short (140 characters or less) description. The next step is to take a picture with your iPhone, because people need to know what they’re going to get or what you’re looking for, after all. Fill in some additional details like price, category, and sub category, and then add your location. You’ll have an opportunity to preview your listing before posting it for the world to see. The whole process probably takes less than an one minute to complete.

Not surprisingly, browsing through Antengo’s listings is even easier than posting. You can search for something specific by keyword, or you can just browse through all of the listings in your general location in list, photo, or map form. Listings can also be filtered by type, location, category, or whether or not they include a photo.

Once you have found something you’re interested in, tap on it to bring up additional details and the option to get in touch with the person who posted it. You can monitor all of your communications from within Antengo via a convenient built-in messenger service.

Sounds easy, right? So why not give it a try? By doing so, you’ll have a chance to win one of the 10 $10 iTunes Gift Cards Antengo is giving away!

To be entered into the drawing, just click here to download Antengo. After you have the app installed, sign in with your Facebook account and start browsing listings. That’s seriously all it takes to be entered.¬†The team at Antengo will pick 10 lucky winners at random and will get in touch early next week. Good luck!