Crescent Moon Games, which has built quite a reputation with such games as Paper Monsters and Slingshot Racing, is set to release another high-quality title. Up next on its App Store agenda is Mutant Storm.

Sorry, X-Men freaks. Mutant Storm is not about the amazing adventures of the popular weather-controlling character from the Marvel comics. Rather, it’s the iOS port of the popular PC and Xbox Live Arcade game of the same name. Staying true to its source material, Mutant Storm for iOS features level after level containing shock wave after awesome shock wave. It has 89 levels, seven difficulty stages, and two game modes — enough to work you into a fiery frenzy against your various enemies. And perhaps best of all, Mutant Storm is equipped with 60 fps graphics for all iPad models. Yes, even the first-generation one that’s rumored to be forced into obsolescence by iOS 6. Additionally, Retina display support for the new iPad is already built into the game. Watch the fantastic trailer for the game below. You’d better be sitting down for this bombshell.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

Ported by Ninth Ninja from the original version developed by PomPom, Mutant Storm is primed to wreak havoc upon its launch in the App Store on Thursday, June 14. Prepare to take shelter and watch out for our official review of the game here on AppAdvice.