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Bankr Personal Finance ($0.99) by Styled Syntax, LLC gives the average user a chance to feel like a financial planner. With stunning graphic detail, a clean design, and easy-to-use features, Bankr is a great app for anyone who needs to organize their funds.

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When you open the app, Bankr starts with a quick tutorial explaining how to set up your accounts and stocks. Once that is over, you are ready to enter your data. By tapping the plus sign in the lower right corner, you can add either accounts or stocks.

It’s very simple to add an account. You just choose what kind of account you have (e.g., checking, savings, and cash), how much is in the account, and what your weekly budget is. Once your account is set up you can enter your daily transactions whether they be income or expenses.

Keeping track of daily transactions is effortless. The user just enters the type (income or expense) and the amount. If it is an expense they can then sort it by name, date and category. Pictures can even be added.

Bankr gives the user the opportunity to create a budget for every account they add. Based on the weekly budget, Bankr will give the user a breakdown of how much of the budget they have spent, how much they have left to spend, as well as how many days are left in the time cycle that was chosen. Keeping the budget so simple makes it even easier for the user to make sure they never exceed their planned spending limits.

Not only can you keep track of accounts with Bankr, but you can also manage your stock portfolio. Adding stocks is just as straightforward as adding accounts. Just choose the stock symbol, the purchase price, and the quantity to complete the profile. Bankr gives you the tools to manage your stocks in real time and gives you links to the extended data for the stocks.

Bankr Personal Finance by Styled Syntax, LLC screenshot

This is a great app. All the information is contained in a neat package with a clean design. Not only is the app easy to use, but it is also something that everyone should have on their phone. Keeping track of finances is very important and this is the perfect app to do just that!