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Cyklus Will Be Spinning Into The App Store This Summer

Chances are you have never heard of developer Eastasiasoft. The Hong Kong based company has had little impact in the United States. They hope developer to change this, however, as they are working on a new iOS title, called Cyklus. The premise of the game involves three spaceships spinning out of control in a distant galaxy. It is your mission to help them get home. The developer has created a short trailer for Cyklus, to show you what you can expect when it's released: If you cannot view the embedded video above, it is also available here. According to the developer, Cyklus is an "addictive action maze game." It is being developed for all iOS platforms and also Android. Ports to the Mac, PC, and Linux are also being considered. Cyklus will involve you trying to navigate your ship through perilous traps, enemies and obstacles in 100 levels across five different worlds. During the game you can collect coins, which in turn can be used to buy various upgrades, such as speed boosts and invincibility. [caption id="attachment_307142" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Cyklus is simple, yet addictive."][/caption] The game will include both Game Center and OpenFeint support so you can easily compare scores with your friends. It is surprising how much replay value this can add to a game. Cyklus will be launching on iOS and Android this summer, though no specific date has been given. It will be a free title to download, with the full game requiring an in-app purchase to unlock. Does Cyklus look like it will appeal to you? Keep an eye out for a full review as soon as it is available.