Do Not Disturb will be available in iOS 6. What was once just a sign to hang on your doorknob in your hotel room has turned into a much loved feature in the beta version of Mountain Lion, the next OS, and now Apple has announced that we will also be getting it in iOS 6.

Do Not Disturb is a notification setting that lets you get some peace and quiet from the boisterous world of updates. Flip it on and you will literally not be disturbed. But the great thing is, with iOS 6 integration the notifications will still come to your phone, they just won’t light up your screen or make a sound to wake you up. You can choose to receive no phone calls at all, or set favorites for certain people.

If someone really wants to get a hold of you, the second call will come through. That way if it’s an emergency – they can still get to you.

The setting should be easily accessible in your Settings app,  so it’s not only great for sleep time, but for walking into a meeting.

While Notifications are amazing, and we love them, the Do Not Disturb feature will definitely be a must have!