As it happens, Instagram isn’t the only iOS app that got updated by Facebook today. The social networking giant has also updated not one, but two other apps from its fold. One is Facebook Messenger, and the other is Facebook Pages Manager, which today gains its own messaging capability.

Released late last month, Facebook Pages Manager addresses the need of many users across the social network whose main job is to perform administrative tasks on Facebook pages. And now that they can view and reply to messages from page subscribers right within the app, their job has been made more convenient.

In line with its new messaging function, the app now also shows a couple of additional user-generated sets of information. These are answers to questions and guest lists for events.

The app’s Insights section also benefits from the update. A place for admins to view a number of page statistics, including likes and engaged users, Insights now includes data for check-ins.

Finally, the update brings the ability to control the frequency of page activity notifications, along with the always welcome bug fixes.

Like any other iOS app from Facebook, Facebook Pages Manager is available in the App Store for free.

Now that the app has been greatly improved, are you more inclined to manage your fan or brand pages, if any, with Facebook Pages Manager?