Not too long ago, Apple pushed out a new version of its Apple TV software: firmware 5.0.2. Though, in terms of new features, the software is somewhat lacking (so lacking, in fact, that Apple has yet to publish a change-log for the new firmware over on its support page), that doesn’t mean the folks over at FireCore haven’t bothered updating their Seas0nPass jailbreak tool accordingly.

Instead, Seas0nPass enjoyed an update recently, adding support for Apple’s 5.0.2 firmware. Like before, the jailbreak tool can provide Apple TV owners with that all-important untethered jailbreak solution, and it can be downloaded (from FireCore’s website) for free. Unfortunately, third-generation Apple TVs have still yet to receive support.

If you’re rocking a jailbroken Apple TV (2G), head over to FireCore’s website and download the new version of Seas0nPass. Enjoy!

Via: iDownloadBlog
Source: FireCore