Now this is a happy coincidence. Frisbee Forever isn’t the only great casual game that has gotten a sequel today. Doodle Fit has, too.

And the coincidence doesn’t stop there. As it happens, both sequels take players on a virtual trip around the world.

Frisbee Forever 2 features new game worlds that showcase scenes ranging from a snowy China to a rural Europe. For its part, Doodle Fit 2 features puzzles inspired by famous international items and landmarks. Small wonder, then, that its full title is Doodle Fit 2: Around the World.

Doodle Fit 2 continues the surprisingly addictive gameplay of its predecessor. Like the original Doodle Fit, Doodle Fit 2 has you placing Tetris-like blocks inside various layouts in such a strategic manner as to completely fill those layouts.

This time around, the layouts are patterned after items and landmarks from different countries. For example, the screenshot below shows a doodle puzzle inspired by none other than the Statue of Liberty.

The Statue of Liberty makes an appearance in Doodle Fit 2.

Doodle Fit 2 covers 10 countries, each with its set of 20 culturally relevant puzzles. That’s a total of 200 levels, playable in three modes: Around the World, Time Attack, and Challenge.

In addition, Doodle Fit 2 lets you create your own levels and share them with your fellow players around the world.

Doodle Fit 2: Around the World is available now in the App Store for $0.99. So, have your doodle passport ready!