Corning, which has provided the iPhone’s Gorilla Glass screen since the original version in 2007, has announced a new line of ultra-thin, flexible glass.

Willow Glass has the thinness, flexibility, and strength to enable displays to be “wrapped” around a device or structure. The new glass also can be processed at high temperatures, and formulated with a “roll-to-roll” process similar to newspaper.

Here’s a video from Corning about the process. Click here if you can’t see the video.

The company introduced Gorilla Glass 2 earlier this year that is 20 percent thinner, lighter, and stronger than the original version. It is rumored to see its iOS device debut with the next-generation iPhone this fall.

Corning is also unique because glass for the iPhone screen is made by its employees in Kentucky and New York. The jobs are some of the more than 514,000 in the United States created or supported by Apple.

While it may be years before technology like the Willow Glass appears with iOS devices, it is interesting to imagine the possibilities. My colleague A.T. Faust III recently made a strong case against flexible displays, saying the technology is nothing more than a trade show curiosity. But Corning must have different ideas.

Source: Corning
Via: iDownloadBlog