Previously compatible with iPhone and iPod touch only, iTriage has just been updated to support the iPad as well.

Created by two emergency room physicians, iTriage is one of the most downloaded and best reviewed medical apps in the App Store. In fact, it’s so outstanding that it has been included in not just one, but three AppLists here on AppAdvice: Apps for Emergencies, Great Reference Apps, and Parent’s Assistant.

As an app designed for iPhone and iPod touch, iTriage has already managed to help a lot of users. And now that it’s been optimized for iPad, it’s set to benefit even more.

The universal version of iTriage introduces an iPad app that puts all of the features of the original iPhone app on an interface that’s easier to navigate. The new iTriage for iPad makes the process of checking for symptoms, reading relevant information, and finding nearby medical service providers more streamlined. And it does this and plenty more through a panel-based navigation adopted from the format popularized by Twitter for iPad.

The new iTriage for iPad features a panel-based navigation format.

Along with universal support, a couple of other improvements are added by the latest update to iTriage. These are:

  • Provider Search – Improved search for doctors and facilities lets you now search by specialty and by name.
  • Medication Sharing – You can now share medication information, along with conditions, and procedures through email on your iPhone.

The updated iTriage for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad is available now in the App Store at no cost. Apparently, while you can’t put a price on healthcare, you can put a price on an app that promotes it: free.