Having been a hit as a cross-platform desktop game, Dynamite Jack is now ready to cause explosive excitement as an iPad game.

As the game’s backstory goes, the eponymous space marine is captured in battle and forced to work in the not-so-invitingly named Anathema Mines. But he somehow manages to break free. Armed only with a flashlight, an unlimited supply of bombs, and your invaluable help, he’s on his way to sweet freedom.

Dynamite Jack is a top-down stealth and puzzle game. It comes with 28 levels, each of which brings Jack closer to the surface of Anathema Mines.

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Level after level, you have to guide Jack toward the exit, either by line drawing or virtual joystick. The flashlight lets you see in the darkness of the mines, while the bombs let you destroy barriers.

The bombs also come in handy in destroying enemies, who are bent on killing Jack at first sight. These include vicious guards and cave trolls. Apparently, there’s a difference between those two types of enemies.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

In the likely event that you finish all 28 levels and want more bomb-dropping action, you can just create new ones. Using the in-game editor, you can easily construct new maps, complete with various obstacles and preprogrammed guards.

Alternatively, you can pick from the most popular custom maps created and shared by your fellow Dynamite Jack players. Each map has it own leaderboard, so there’s plenty of intense competition to go around.

Dynamite Jack is available now in the App Store for $2.99. Go ahead. Download it on your iPad and have a blast, one after the other.