Are you a smelly, attention-starved hipster itching to challenge the inevitable march of mankind’s technological isolation? A shower might help, but, failing that, you could always grab your iPad and join this modern day take on the 70s drum circle:

Called Jumboltron (“jumble”-tron, get it?), the project isn’t concerned with the marketing potential of its folksy endeavor. When prompted about it, the effort’s directors stated summarily:

SPONSORS Not a one. This isn’t some stupid advertising ploy. Stares at you ad people, who will eventually co-opt this idea and kinda already have.

Kinda already have? Heck, they beat you to the punch!

See, while this gimmicky Jumboltron “movement” might seem unique, it’s not. Far from it. In fact, as a social attraction and event anchor point, the distributed iPad “video wall” has been around almost as long as the iPad itself. There’s even an app for that!


Hipsters who think they’re being original — Who’d'a thunk it?

Via: iMore
Source: Cult of Mac