Already, we’ve heard that scenes from the upcoming ‘jOBS: Get Inspired’ biopic (starring Ashton Kutcher) were to be filmed at Steve Jobs’ family home in Los Altos, CA. Now, pictures of Kutcher and his co-stars at the Jobs residence have hit the Web, providing us with a first glimpse of several of the other characters that feature in the biopic.

Below, we’ve included a gallery of images snapped by Pacific Coast News – characters on set include John Scully (Matthew Modine) and Bill Gates, as well as Kutcher as Jobs. Back in May, we heard that the biopic was seeking actors with a ’70s look (and preferably with a ’70s car) – if you fit the criteria required, you could star in the biopic alongside Kutcher!

But in all seriousness, ‘jOBS: Get Inspired’ looks to be an interesting film. The biopic’s producers hope to create a movie that is “dark, honest and uncompromising,” and from what we’ve heard, it should be finished in Q4 this year.

Take a look at the gallery of images below, and if you have any thoughts on the biopic feel free to post them in the comments.