Are you ready to take the new iPad for a swim? As a follow-up to its popular iPhone case, TechCrunch is reporting that LifeProof will soon introduce an iPad version.

Known as the Nuud, the case brings all the rugged bells and whistles of its iPhone cousin – including military grade shock protection, waterproofing to a good 6.6 feet, and resistance from dirt and grime.

And with an O-ring sealed headphone adapter, users can also rock out with waterproof headphones. Other ports are also sealed with included vacuum protectors.

The case will also come with four small inserts on each corner so you can carry an iPad as a briefcase.

Interestingly, the Nuud won’t come with a screen protector. The case will vacuum seal against the glass panel of the iPad, which should be interesting to see.

But unlike the iPhone case, users won’t be able to snap any fun, underwater photos with the iPad version. The Nuud will be without a physical shutter button.

While you’ll still be able to safely dunk your iPad in a pool or tub, you can’t exactly do anything, as the capacitive display doesn’t work underwater.

The Nuud is expected to be on sale in July, but pricing is still unknown.

Source: TechCrunch