As a hardcore gaming platform, iOS leaves much to be desired. As a social and casual gaming platform, however, Apple’s mobile environment is absolutely unmatched. And, because of the accessibility and installed user base iPhones, iPads, and iPods enjoy, such titles don’t always have to be super original to climb up the Top Charts. Indeed, they simply need to be well-made, polished, and fun.

Such is the potential for Bluff Wars, a trivia game designed by FangTooth Studios and currently seeking funding over at Kickstarter. Essentially a reimagining of the long-running television series “Call My Bluff” (or the board game Balderdash for you non-Brits out there) the app operates under a familiar premise: Players are given various terms (over 2,000 and counting!) and charged with creating false but legitimate-sounding definitions or descriptions thereof. Pick the wrong answer, and you lose. But fool the opposition into picking the wrong answer, and you win!

Check out the following video to get an idea of what the game’s all about (and be sure to pay particular attention to Nour’s ridiculous marshmallow rage at the 3:28 mark):

With deep Facebook integration, Bluff Wars can set up games with your contacts on a one-on-one basis, or you can choose to play group competitions pitting you against up to five other friends. Unfortunately, I don’t have that many pals, but the two-player mode is enough to wrangle a few bucks from my wallet.

If you’re also interested, head over to Bluff Wars’ Kickstarter page and commit. With 18 days to go, FangTooth Studios has collected almost 25 percent of their modest $6,500 goal.