A few days ago, I was surprised to learn that the much maligned iFitness app was, somehow, back in the App Store. While it wasn’t clear whether or not the new title shared the same pedigree of the older, banned versions, we felt it prudent to issue a warning and reach out to developer Eltima for more information.

And I’ve got good news!

Indeed, it seems that this iFitness is an entirely unrelated, independent app. We received the following statement from one member of the app’s development team:

We are a completely different company that has built this app from scratch. We are not affiliated with any prior releases of iFitness or Full Fitness. We also have been in the software business for 11+ years to prove to you we are serious about supporting this app.

But is the new iFitness actually any good?

To find out if it gets three white lights, you’ll need to stay tuned. A full review is forthcoming. In the meantime, if you feel like risking it, iFitness is currently on sale for just a buck.

Happy lifting!