These days, more and more tech-savvy persons who are dissatisfied with currently available products are taking matters of industrial design into their own hands. Case in point: Robert Bye, a design student who has come up with a rather impressive design for an iPhone alarm dock.

Hoping to clinch a deal with interested investors, Bye turned to Reddit’s Technology subreddit to showcase his design concept. Redditors, as they are inclined to do, have taken notice and posted hundreds of comments and thousands of up votes on Bye’s Reddit submission.

In his original blog post, which his Reddit submission links to, Bye explains that his proposed design is borne out of a desire for a more stylish and functional iPhone alarm dock. Having pointed out the counterintuitive, redundant, and generally unattractive designs of most docks in the market, he presents the details of his idea, which he calls “NOOKone.”

The dock will be paired with a special alarm clock app.

NOOKone is a triangular alarm dock that can hold an iPhone in either portrait or landscape orientation. You can see the full mockups on Bye’s blog, in which the dock’s bass speaker, volume knob, and inductive charger are highlighted. Also envisioned by Bye is a matching alarm clock app, which is in keeping with the rising trend in app design involving minimal and gesture-based UIs.

Bye has also posted about an iPhone tube map concept, but this latest concept of his is clearly more promising. Should it manage to catch the fancy of backers, perhaps with the help of Kickstarter, it will be interesting to find out how each of the NOOKone’s design considerations pans out. But to start with, Bye needs to think of another name, lest potential buyers mistake the device for a Barnes & Noble Nook accessory rather than an iPhone supplement. And then there’s the looming possibility of an altogether different set of hardware attributes of the upcoming iPhone 5.

Will you be interested in placing Bye’s NOOKone on your bedside nook every night?

Source: Rob Bye
Via: Reddit