Paper Sorcerer, a new iOS/PC title, is currently seeking funding over at Kickstarter. The game, developed by Jesse Gallagher of UltraRunawayGames, is a first-person RPG set in a gloomy, cel-shaded world of castles, goblins, and decidedly dark magic. The story is unique and intriguing, told by and experienced from the perspective of a trapped sorcerer as he flees the bindings of the spellbound book that is his prison. Check out the following gameplay video to get a real feel for Gallagher’s art (but keep in mind that the build is in early alpha, hence the choppiness of the action):

If you’d like to see the RPG make it out of development and into your hands, help out by pledging a few bucks. Remember, before the paper sorcerer can escape his tome-y tomb, Paper Sorcerer must first escape Kickstarer.

Fortunately, with a funding target of just $5,000 (and an honest breakdown of where every penny of that cash will go), it’s easy get behind Jesse’s stylish vision.