Newsify is a Google Reader client that looks as though it were the lovechild of Reeder and Flipboard. This should value it at a dollar at the very least, but since its release last April, Newsify has been available for free. Also since its launch, Newsify has been packed with features comparable to those of its supposed “parent” apps. And more features have just been added to the app following its update a few hours ago.

A look at the app’s App Store page gives you the impression that its developer has a thing for bullet points. Not only is its main feature list presented with bullet points, but its latest update’s release notes are also laden with them. But then again, this is certainly due to the large number of features, both old and new, that need enumerating.

What's news?

Among the new features introduced by the recent Newsify update is native iPad support. Newsify has been an iPhone-only app since it debuted in the App Store, but now it’s already universal. Predictably, the app’s iPad version makes use of the two-panel interface setup popularized by the stock Mail app. Its left panel contains the subscription list while the right one contains the newspaper-style article preview.

Also included in the update is the dual role of the tap-and-hold gesture. When done on an image, tap-and-hold lets you view and save it. And when done on a link, tap-and-hold lets you share it. Other significant additions to Newsify are the ability to change the font in full article view and the ability to share articles via Readability, Evernote, and email.

You can download the new version of Newsify in the App Store for free. Its App Store page says that it’s free for a limited time, so better get it now while the offer still stands.