In what could be the final rumor ahead of today’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, AppleInsider is reporting that Apple is poised to unveil two new native apps today.

According to the report, Fox News’ Clayton Morris said that “multiple sources” “have told him that Apple will show off “at least two new native iOS apps” today. He didn’t provide any details on what those applications might be.”

One of those new apps, however, won’t be the long-rumored Maps app refresh. As Morris suggests, “Maps is already there.”

Last week, we reported that Apple was prepping a new Organize app. What that other app is, of course, remains to be seen.

Native apps in iOS that arrived along with the first iPhone in 2007 include Mobile Safari, Clock, Weather, Camera, Photos, Calendar, Weather, Note,  and YouTube. App Store, iTunes, and Compass were added later.

Source: AppleInsider