Velocirapture, the latest collaboration from Adult Swim Games (see: Monsters Ate My Condo) and PikPok (see: Bird Strike), has you flicking and swiping away to determine the fate of the dinosaurs.

The game’s premise is simple: you must help the “Dino God-Hand” guide the righteous dinosaurs into heaven, while (literally) pointing out which ones to smite. Any green dinosaurs get the green light to go to heaven, while the red ones aren’t so lucky.

Green: good. Red: bad.

Flicking the green dinosaurs into the all-powerful hand will earn you points. Dragging a line from the hand to the red dinosaurs will let you smite them for even more points. Swiping two or more red dinosaurs at the same time will earn you some combo points. The more “chain-smites” you get, the higher your score will be.


Of course, the difficulty of this game comes from trying to avoid passing the wrong judgement on each dinosaur. That could get pretty difficult with dinosaurs all over your screen.In addition to the swipe and flick-based gameplay, more of Velocirapture’s features include:

  • Two modes of play: Endless Mode and Story Mode
  • Compete against the world (and your friends) on Game Center leaderboard
  • Earn coins to upgrade your equipment and survive longer
  • Travel to multiple locations including Mount Fossilmore and T. Rexas
  • Unlock special moves for Super Smiting

Velocirapture is available in the App Store for $0.99 and is a universal app. If you’re interested, we suggest you buy it before price goes up to $1.99 on¬†Monday.

What are some of your favorite Adult Swim games?