Who put the “S” in 4S? Siri did. When we first saw her, we couldn’t get enough of her. Those who owned an iPhone 4S wanted her on the Mac, on the iPad, on the mythical iTV. Those who had an iPhone 4 just wanted her.

When the “new” iPad was introduced, we were almost sure that it would be the device for Siri to break new ground. Yet it wasn’t so. Ever since her release, Siri has been exclusive to the 4S.

The closest we came was Dictation on the new iPad. Now with Mountain Lion, Dictation will be available on the Mac. Anywhere you can type, you can talk.

While this is at least a cool addition, it would have been nice to see Siri. However, she will be able to call the new iPad home once iOS 6 comes out this fall.

What do you think?