Sparrow has just received yet another update, finally introducing an important feature to the terrific mail client for iPhone.

Nope, sorry. The new feature is not the much-anticipated support for push. Rather, it’s support for Post Office Protocol or POP, which had also been added to the app’s Mac counterpart a month ago.

Upon installing the update, you can start adding POP mail accounts to Sparrow. In addition to your Gmail or iCloud accounts, your accounts on Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, and other services that support the protocol can now be included in the app.

The update, according to its release notes, also delivers a fix for issues related to folder mapping.

Sparrow for iPhone now supports POP accounts.

Since its launch in March, most users of Sparrow have been hoping for push support with every update it receives. But Apple remains strict about its withholding of the push API.

That doesn’t mean that push is not coming to Sparrow, though. The developer of the app maintains that push is definitely going to happen. And it’s going to be implemented on Sparrow’s end instead.

An iPad version of the app is also set to be launched in the near future.

The latest version of Sparrow is available in the App Store for free for existing users or $2.99 for new ones.

Do you use Sparrow on your iPhone instead of Apple’s Mail app? Or are you just waiting for push to be pushed to the app before you start doing so?