Apparently not everyone dislikes those ubiquitous in-app purchases (IAPs) that seem to be featured in every top iOS game. According to iMore, Information Solutions Group published research that says 39 percent of mobile gamers spent money on some type of IAP in 2011.

The survey data was pulled from 1,001 mobile gamers in the United States and United Kingdom.

Beyond the high amount of gamers who take advantage of IAPs, the other most interesting part of the research is the average age of the mobile gamer – a surprisingly high 39.5 years old.

Mobile gaming is also continuing to explode in popularity. In the past year, the number of individuals who have played a mobile game in the last month has increased 45 percent. Also, in 2011, 96 percent of the group played at least weekly, compared to 84 percent in 2010.

The tablet is also beginning to make a name in the mobile gaming space. Thirty-six percent of mobile gamers own tablets. And of those who own both a tablet and phone, 40 percent said gaming has shifted away from their handset.

Are you surprised about how many people are actually spending money on IAPs for in-game currency or extra levels? If the numbers continue to stay that high, the phenomenon will probably not be going away anytime soon.

While I somewhat agree with what my colleague A.T. Faust III had to say about the practice earlier this year, I wish I could just purchase the entire game and all the content for a set price up front.

Source: iMore
Image: Apple That