Don’t panic! There’s nothing wrong with your screen. The picture above is just a screenshot of a new filter in Pastry Panic, which has recently undergone a fresh update.

Developed by Holiday Havoc wreaker Underground Pixel, Pastry Panic is an arcade game for iOS that features old school pixel graphics and chiptunes. In both of the game’s two modes, which are shown in the trailer below, you control a cute little dinosaur who loves nothing more than to gobble pastries and the occasional nuts and bolts.

In Mad Dash mode, you move along three conveyor belt platforms in pursuit of your sweet and screwy sources of nourishment. In Tongue Tied mode, you remain at the center of the screen while you let your stretchable tongue take care of the food gathering. While playing, you accumulate coins to be used in the in-game shop. There you can purchase various outfits and a couple of guest characters.

If you can’t see the video embedded above, please click here.

The latest update to Pastry Panic introduces a new set of items that can be purchased with your coin collection. In addition to costumes and characters, filters are now available from the shop. Initially, three filters can be unlocked by spending 20 coins on each. One of these is the invert filter, which is pictured above. The other two are the vintage filter, which further enhances the game’s retro quality, and the red alert filter, which adds more urgency to the game’s panicky play.

Optimized with Retina graphics for both iPhone and iPad, the newly updated Pastry Panic is available in the App Store for only $0.99. Also included in its recent update are a few bug fixes that, unfortunately, caused the worldwide pastry counter to be reset. But don’t panic! We just need to refill it with our pastry-chomping powers. Piece of cake.