It’s no secret that the much-requested Mac version of Tweetbot, Tapbots’ ultra popular Twitter client for iOS, is already in the works. But did you know that Tweetbot for iOS is hiding a secret of its own?

Developers commonly embed hidden sections in their apps that are accessible only by them for debugging or some other purpose. More often than not, accessing these sections involves the use of special gestures.

I’ve been privy to such a section when the developer of one of my favorite apps instructed me to crack it open in order to resolve a problem I was having with his app. And now, thanks to @EvilPenguin_ via Lele Buonerba, I’m in the know about another hidden section in another favorite app of mine.

Aptly named Super Secret Settings, it can be accessed by first going to the normal, non-secret settings of Tweetbot. Then, scroll all the way to the bottom, where the copyright notice is.

Here’s where the magic starts. Tap three times on both sides of the copyright notice simultaneously (see screenshot below) and you should see the screen flip over to the Super Secret Settings.

Tap Tap Tap!

As noted by Cult of Mac, probably the most useful part of the Super Secret Settings is the WWAN Streaming toggle. Essentially, it lets you enable streaming for your Twitter timeline over cellular data. By default, Tweetbot’s streaming feature is available over Wi-Fi only. WWAN Streaming could then come in handy especially for users like me who have unlimited cellular data plans.

Another option of note is the toggle for What The Trend. If enabled, it lets you see the (often loose) definitions of trending topics obtained from

What the?

Tweetbot’s Super Secret Settings is accessible on both iPhone and iPad versions of the app. If, for some weird reason, you haven’t downloaded either version yet, know that Tweetbot for iPhone and Tweetbot for iPad are available in the App Store for $2.99 apiece.

Will Tweetbot for Mac have a Super Secret Settings section of its own, I wonder?

Source: @EvilPenguin_, Lele Buonerba
Via: Cult of Mac