Get ready for the weekend with some hot Apps Gone Free, plus we have two cool docks that will snazz up your home or office.

Free apps you don’t want to miss:

The Treasures of Montezuma 2:
This fun match three game won’t be free for long, and it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss. This title is usually a $4.99 download.

Shark Dash:
We’ve talked about Shark Dash on the show before, you guys remember, it’s the physics-based puzzle game that will have you flinging the cute little shark all over the bathtub in order to eat up the rubber duckies. Well, now it’s not only free, but got a new update to get you in the spirit of Shark Week.

Want something to keep you entertained this weekend that’s not a game? PhotoComic let’s you create cute comic strip type photo collages, word bubbles and all. This one is sadly free for today, July 21, 2012, only.

Fun Docks:

Jackpot Slots Dock: Spin the wheels on a slot machine, and charge your iPhone. It doesn’t get much better than that. This simple, but cute dock is reasonably priced and works with the app, Jackpot Slots, to give your desk a splash of Vegas. You can grab one of these for yourself at

Curve BT iDock: This dock will take you back in time to when we actually still used landline phones, but has the look of the future. The sleek design will fit perfectly with anyones style. The handset works over bluetooth, has a ringer, and sounds great. The actual phone has a smooth and comfortable feel making long conversations a little less heated, you know, because you’re iPhone gets hot! You can grab one of these for yourself at for $99.99.