It’s an exciting day for those who love Tiny Wings since Tiny Wings v2.0 and Tiny Wings HD are both now available on the App Store. To say we’ve been waiting a while for these new installments is an understatement. Tiny Wings 2.0 brings all the same, classic gameplay, plus a new game mode that turns the sloped action into a race amongst siblings. As for Tiny Wings HD you get the classic mode, race mode, and even a two player mode. Are you guys excited … or over it?

Amazing Alex smacked into the App Store today as well, bringing some new puzzle fun to your iPhone and iPad. Amazing Alex is a game we’ve been teasing for a while, so we we’re glad to finally see it on the App Store shelves. Watch the show to see how amazing it really is.

Finally, we stop playing around and check out an app that will help you save time while connecting with friends. It’s called Savi People, and it will definitely turn you into a savvy person. People you can connect with friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, through email, Messages, and more — all without leaving the app. Check out the show to see Savi People in action, and also find out how you can win a free copy of the app for yourself.