It looks like a brand-new Hulu Plus channel has launched on Apple TVs, according to a number of Twitter updates from users (1), (2).

From what we understand, the channel has appeared after users have rebooted their set-top box, or after its connection has been lost. If you’ve yet to see the Hulu Plus channel on your Apple TV, try turning the device off and back on again. The Hulu Plus channel should then (hopefully) appear.

In other recent Apple TV-related news, the set-top box’s new OS (which, like iOS 6, is currently in ‘beta’) allows users to customize and reorganise icons. Plus, a new AirPlay feature has also been added in the third beta of this prerelease software.

It seems as if Apple is trying hard to make its Apple TV more of an essential home entertainment solution. If you own an Apple TV, are you feeling any closer to cutting the cable-cord yet?

Source: MacRumors